MAURICE HARRIS | Sweetest Blue November

(2019 Remastered Edition)

Before I became Ionne, I did several releases under other monikers, including my real name, Maurice Harris. This time of year, when the seasons slip from autumn to winter, I am reminded of one of my favorite Maurice Harris projects from a writer/producer perspective: Sweetest Blue November. (Original release date, January 2011.)

Sweetest Blue November is a concept album about love lost to betrayal, with the hope of future redemption. The album tells the story of a relationship that changes, like the seasons, from the heat of summer to the bitter chill of winter…and then rebirth. A little cerebral, I know, but the tracks really are fire!


I recently remastered the album and have made it available for free, unlimited streaming on Bandcamp. As an added bonus, I’ll be featuring one track per day through the end of this November. Check out today's track below... 


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