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Ionne's 'The Fall' Music Video Debuts on 21 July 2023

Screen grab from The Fall music video featuring two female dancers in a Vitruvian Man pose.
Tadea Martin-Gonzalez and Talia Grynberg-Schepis dance in Ionne's "The Fall" music video premiering 21 July 2023.

“Human Creativity Expressed Electronically” is the mantra that has always defined Ionne’s songwriting and production, which he takes to another level in his new music video for the track ‘’The Fall’’ from his latest album, Fracture.

This captivating video, set to premiere on 21 July 2023 brings together Ionne's powerful vocals, mesmerizing choreography, and an alternative rock-inspired sound. The song’s U2-like tone is set right away with the rock-sounding ballad in which Ionne sings of a collapsing society, carried by an electric guitar, reverb-heavy electro and sparse percussion with a catchy hook and heartfelt emotion.

“The album is designed to create a common space musically, a raw and vulnerable space lyrically for people to connect, and dance, and experience change,” he said. Emphasis on DANCE; the music video features the incredible talent of choreographers and dancers Tadea Martin-Gonzalez and Talia Grynberg-Schepis. Their artistic choreography beautifully complements Ionne's expressive vocals, adding a visual dimension that captivates viewers. The video was filmed and edited by Ionne and The Collective NHV.

Save the date and join Ionne on July 21st for the exclusive premiere of "The Fall" music video. Stay tuned to Ionne's social media channels - @ionnemusic on IG, Facebook, & TikTok, @ionne on YouTube - for updates and behind-the-scenes content.


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