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Sonos Lumia II
Sound + Light

10.27.23 | Pendleton Art Center | Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Mary Barr Rhodes, Ionne, and Ben Britton present a unique, immersive art event that explores humanity's relationship with light. The three collaborators have worked over the past two years to create works that have the power to bring about positive cultural change through art and music.

The Artists

Mary Barr Rhodes uses paint, glass, concrete, and metallics and epoxy resin to create captivating, mixed media artworks that invite a deeper understanding of light. Rhodes has chosen to create two and three-dimensional works to present the many, different perspectives of light. Divine feminine energy, the state of the current news media and a nod to ritual are just some of the topics that are presented. All works are created to foster a sense of awe and wonder.


Ionne, composer and performer, writes original musical scores and lyrics telling stories of how light impacts our personal lives. His deep and complex scores and provocative lyrics invite deep reflection. Through his personal stories we hear the backstories to the light and sound collaborations.


Ben Britton, electronic media artist, has collaborated with Rhodes to create a large-scale, immersive video wall that connotes the cycles of life. The most significant returns are those of the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. The Jupiter return occurs approximately every 12 years and heralds a new phase of growth and development. So Jupiter return often unlocks our hidden potential and reveals to us our secret authority. The immersive quality and the solfeggio sound invite you to reflect and even move in the moment.


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