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It's time to draw the line. Seriously.

Dear Friends:

There's been so much to think about lately:

  • A badly mismanaged pandemic

  • Systemic, government-sanctioned police brutality and anti-Black injustice

  • The blatantly hypocritical ram-through of a new Supreme Court Justice weeks before a presidential election

  • Continued politicized attacks against legal protections for people of color, the LGBT community, and the environment

  • A growing wealth gap...and an administration that seems determined to accelerate the divide

And that's just the past week. 

Looking ahead to the November election, I've been imagining a better home and what it might take to build it. And, yes, I've been putting some of those thoughts to music.

The new single, "The End of Summertime," is now available for pre-order from Bandcamp. Slated for released on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and other outlets on October 6, the song features lead vocals by the incomparable Jennifer Fouché who joined me previously for the single and video, "A Vision for Our Lives: Inspired by the Movement for Black Lives Platform and Black Lives Matter."

To my U.S. friends, today I invite you to not only imagine life beyond "the end," but also to help pave the way by casting your ballot in this election. Get to the polls or vote absentee. To my friends abroad, I encourage you to keep pressing for justice and positive change in every way you can. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. And, of course, if you need a little boost, check out the new single.

Love and light,



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