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New Release: Ionne | The Other Side

"...a new and refreshing talent in the world of electronica..." - Paul Bamlett | With Just a Hint of Mayhem

As a solo artist, I am accustomed to making music alone, but never as critically as this. Time in isolation with my thoughts and machines has become a matter of survival—a way to cope with physical distance during the pandemic, and a way to process recent responses to systemic racism. In early March, I began writing and recording a new project—my reflections on quarantine in these turbulent times—made entirely from home. Today I am pleased to present The Other Side, and I hope that you find in it a source of catharsis, human connection and imagination.

The complete EP, The Other Side by Ionne, is available from...


Preview Track

The Other Side is dedicated to my LGBTQ+ BIPOC siblings, especially those risking their lives and livelihoods to advance positive social change. I would like to thank God for the opportunity to create music. I would also like to thank my husband, Might, for the energy to undertake this work. Additionally, I would like to thank Steffen Gillom, Henry Benefield, Da’Mon Butler, J. Joseph, Jenny Rider, and Jennifer Fouché for their insights, encouragement and support.​

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