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"Homeland" Lyrics

A colorful sketch of earth with its continents disordered, rising over an illustrated horizon
"Homeland" cover art by SHABA IMG


A home away from home


A land I hardly know


The soil that drinks our tears


The hand that brought me here

Place me

Somewhere where I belong

Sing me

Your memory in song

Tell me

That we can overcome

Kiss me

And tell me I am someone you could love

Give me

Your promises of light

I know that I'm not

A child of wealth or might

But I’ve built highways

And towns to travel through

Crossed hills and valleys

To mend the broken parts of you

See me

My journey isn't done

And count your blessings

Of children yet to come

Here in my Homeland

The dream they’ll rise above

If you just you kiss me

And tell me I am someone you could love

Copyright 2023 Ionne


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